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Error Codes

Errors happen either because a problem occurred with the key or the request. The level at which the result provides an error differs based on where the error occurs within the request. Error codes will be provided in an error response.

Code Message
APE01 Address Parser Error
The address was unable to be parsed: 'input address'
ISE01 - ISE09 Internal Server Error
An exception occurred when attempting to process your request
EE01 Endpoint Error
The given endpoint was not found: 'url path'
RE01 Request Error
The given parameter(s) were not enough to fulfill the request: 'address parameters'
RE02 Request Error
The 'violated parameter name' parameter violates the rule: parameter rule
Eg. The 'token' parameter violates the rule: must not be blank
RE03 Request Error
The attempted request is too large
RE04 Request Error
Requests are being throttled due to a high number of requests
RE05 Request Error
The given request is invalid
RE06 Request Error
The HTTP request method 'method_name' is not allowed. The allowed methods are: [GET, OPTIONS]
AE02 Authorization Error
The given token is invalid
AE03 Authorization Error
The given token has no calls remaining
AE04 Authorization Error
The given token is deactivated