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Is it possible to get parsed person names for current owners?

The most up-to-date owner information we have is available from the 'owners' component of a property record.

This data comes to us in a combined format, without person names being parsed out into first, middle, last, etc. components.  These combined names are in a partially standardized format, but parsing this with complete accuracy is tricky; see the above point.

If having parsed person names is more important than freshness, our latest deed buyer first and last name fields can be used to obtain names in a partially parsed format.  There is some freshness lost here because sometimes our owner information is more up-to-date than our deed records.  Also, note that there is still trickiness around separating person from non-person names, e.g. there are cases with a buyer first name of a person's name and a buyer last name of "TRUST".